How will the MADE School help me find a job?
Helping our students enter the labour market is our main goal. The whole training course, which ends with an internship, has the final purpose of helping the MADE students enter the labour market and, before that, helping them understand the career they intend to pursue.
What is the cost of the course and what does it include?
The total cost of the course, including all the lessons (held by university teachers), plus meals, accommodation in the historic Palazzo Boccella (room with toilet) and all the services available, such as factory tours, Career Service, learning material, workshops and English lessons with mother-tongue teachers, is 6,000 Euros. The course may also be paid in instalments.
Are there any grants available to reduce the cost of the course?
Yes, there will be grants available. The methods and timing will be specified by the School secretary’s office to the person concerned.
Will I have the possibility to sleep at home?
The MADE formula has been conceived with accommodation included in the educational-training programme, since we firmly believe that sharing spaces, time and life with a group of peers having the same objectives is an added value. MADE School wants its students to become independent and capable of organizing their daily life in full autonomy, as they will soon have to do once they start working. However, the Management reserves the right to evaluate the single situations or special requests.
How will the course timetable be organized?
Lessons will be Monday to Friday, from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.. The workshops may also be held in the evening (6:00-10:00 p.m.). The weekend is free. The School has been conceived as an exclusive and enjoyable environment, where students can improve their knowledge and make new friends.
Who can enrol? What is the age of the people enrolled?
The only compulsory requirement for enrolling in MADE is to have a high school degree. It is not necessary to have a hotel or tourism school diploma. Enrolment is possible also for anyone attending or planning to attend University. Moreover, there are no age restrictions for enrolment.
What are the differences between MADE and a cooking school? And between MADE and university courses?
MADE is radically different from a cooking school, as it offers much more. Attending the course does not mean just learning to cook, but also learning to create a menu, manage a budget, organize and manage the stock, organize events and prepare theme dinners.
MADE is a post-diploma course, a private School being radically innovative with respect to University, since it is extremely practical and job-oriented.
Do I receive a certification at the end of the course?
Yes, the ceremony for the awarding of attendance certificates takes place in October, after the end of the internship. If all exams have been passed, all the activities have been regularly attended and the 400 hours of internship have been completed, students will receive the document certifying their attendance of the School.
Can I enrol in MADE if I have a job?
Yes, if you work in the weekends or in summer. The MADE courses are deliberately held during low-season months, so as to allow students to start working in the period with the highest number of tourists.