The workshops and seminars completing the academic lessons and providing a practical training to be directly applied in the labour market, are held by experts and professionals coming from the catering and marketing sectors.

Gastronomy workshop
This workshop will be held by a chef who will cook, together with students, the meals for the class, the guests and for the dinners of MADE School.
Students will be divided into teams and, according to specific shifts, will develop advanced cooking skills by preparing recipes for any occasion. Thanks to this gradual approach, after 6 months the whole class will be able to prepare a complete and articulate menu in full autonomy.
The coach will also teach students how to create a weekly menu, how to choose food according to the budget available, how to create and manage the stock and how to select suppliers.
Educational workshop in partnership with the group Shaner-Marriott Renaissance Il Ciocco Resort&Spa
During the last months of the course, students will be offered the opportunity of practical experiences out of the School, thanks to the educational partnership with the Shaner-Marriott group. The students, assisted by sector managers, will operate in the reception, bar and waiting areas of Renaissance Il Ciocco Resort&Spa, thus preparing themselves for potential professional collaborations in the future.
Reception, room organization and banqueting workshop
This workshop is dedicated to reception in its different applications: waiting, hotel and hospitality in its broadest sense. The topics include client reception, complaints management and client retention, room service and mise en place, different types of clients, etiquette to respect the culture and customs of interlocutors.
The workshop includes the organization of events inside and outside the School, in particular the management of the MADE dinners planned for the six-month period of lessons and will be open to the public.
Event organization workshop
Students will acquire basic notions for the development, organization and management of events related to gastronomy and incoming tourism.
In this workshop, students will learn how to follow all the steps involved in the planning and creation of an event, from logistics and timing to the choice of the location, from the communication and promotion of the event through marketing tools to the assessment of results.
Workshop of English for hospitality
The Workshop will be adapted to the use of English in the field of hospitality, with a focus on the vocabulary, expressions and idioms being useful in specific situations.
Students will gain confidence in using the language, since the topics will be presented through simulations of daily life situations and assimilated through simulation and role-play techniques.
Workshop on new technologies for the communication of tourism businesses and of the territory
Students will learn about the world of Web 3.0, and will strengthen their technological skills by learning how to use the tools being necessary to promote and improve the reputation and online communication of tourist facilities and food and wine products, through a correct use of Social Media and new technologies.